Tuesday, April 28, 2015

updates on my Littles!

Jane is 4 Months and it seems time with 2 kids just doesn't work quite the same for me.. so here are some pictures :) we Love them so much and feel so lucky to have them!
at 4 months Jane:
Sleeps 7-8 hours at night, smiles all morning long, only cries when she is tired. eats ever four hours- DREAM BABY! loves vacuums, holding your finger, standing up, watching people eat :) snuggling with a blanket, watching her brother make crazy noises. She likes laying flat, and just recently she found her toes and has that happy baby yoga pose down! she will cue and bable for hours- no exaggeration- if she doesn't like something she will tell you, she doesn't like being held like a baby. She is perfect and makes us all so happy. She keeps me sane. I love you Jane-er! 

Max is 32 months :) or 2.75 I can't do math, but he is talking so much these days and knows all the words to a song after we sing it once. He loves his sister a little too much right now and always wants to give her tackle hugs and squishy faces. She loves to steal her socks and pacifiers and hide them. 
Max says the cutest funniest things all the time like; " dat my neighbor?" ( thank you daniel tiger)
when asked what a pirate says he proudly say: 'ho ho ho' like santa even though he is trying to say 'yo ho yo ho'
and my personal favorite- he always asked people what their favorite 'tigeee' is. Any guess? yes he means what is your favorite color. It is awesome because he asks everyone and tells them 'mine favorite tigee blue!'
I love his little voice inflections, he speaks in lists and questions all day long.
he also loves to say that he does something 'all the time'
The other day pointing to an animal he shouted look mom a 'crocagator' its my favorite and I am never going to correct him. 
When we talk about our testimonies he tells us that Jesus helps him play dribble shoot it. 
I just wanted to write these things down before I forget. he is the sweetest most amazing boy who still loves to snuggle, He is growing up to fast and melting all our hearts.
p.s. its also no surprise that he is still obsessed with all things sports. right now it is baseball of course- and he quickly corrects marshall and I that auntie Joy does NOT play BASEBALL its SOFTBALL! my bad, he loves to run the bases at our house and he can honestly hit the ball when we pitch it to him from 10 feet back- his batting average isn't that much worse than normal people :)
He still loves basketball and wants a football birthday party. ( he still thinks every day should be his birthday) 

We have a pass to a museum by our house the Tree house museum and we just can't get enough of it! we could go every day we have so much fun! These are a bunch of pictures from the museum.

This brave Brave boy had to get a baby root canal! He handled it all so welL!
We love that Nana has a zoo pass! max loves to rid the train with all his 'friends' as he calls them! I promise he was really happy here, just a little sidetracked by his new cousin baby Jareds cuteness!

I got a new Jogging stroller that I LOVE! the kids look so cute in it and it helps me go for more runs :) or just not loose my mind all the time!

Max and I got to have a sleep over with our  best friends from Medical school that he still talks about every day. Marshall and Ty had to drive to Missouri to take a test the kids actually fell asleep like this! we had the best time!

Maxs best friend here Knox and Jane love each other.

I made max these adorable little people and posted it on instagram.. 10 minutes later max decided to help me finish them an make them 'perfect' what do you think? Batman and spiderman were spared.

They are so cute everyday it kills me! he reads to her all the time and she loves it!
Remember how I said she is really good at telling us how she feels?

Playing Doctor at the tree house Museum! sorry all these pictures are in such a random order!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

2 weeks makes a big difference!

 Here is baby Jane in the same onsie and blanket when she was 1 week old and 3 weeks old. it makes all my worries go away to see her growing so big! Max wanted to get in on the photo shoot fun. They both made funny faces at the same time :)

 I tried to be one of those cute moms who does something cute to document their milestones each month and write it on the chalkboard. Max wanted to help and scribbled all over it 3 times and erased it 2 times, so this is literally the 7th attempt and it looks 7 times worse than the first! So I am sorry, but it is documented!
 Oh and he stole the sign completely a few times too :) but at least he is adorable and he laughed about it

 Today we went to church for the second time as a family of 4.. and we were on time! Coincidentally (and after much persuading by Max and I for Marshall to switch his tie!) we all coordinated quite nicely! So we took a picture.. and it works :)

 He is saying.. MOM she is crying for you to hold her! stop taking pictures already and take the baby!    (but really that is actually what he is saying) Being a mom to these 2 has truly been the greatest thing I have ever known.  We have too much fun!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

See Jane's friends

Jane has made some amazing friends and had some special visitors in the few short weeks she has been alive :) Her very best friend is her big brother max.

I'm going to publish so that I am more motivated to come back and write all the details tomorrow.

We got together with a bunch of high school friends and these are our babes all friends already :)
Max playing peek - a - bee
Marshall and Jane are best friends- especially from the hours of 6:00 am to 8:00 am - he is a good man to me :)
This is my favorite picture! max always makes us lay by him for a few minutes and sings him songs so when jane was going down for a nap he pulled up next to her and started singing follow the prophet loud and clear- naturally she fell asleep.
Uncle Tom and adam got to be the very first people to meet Jane which was great since Max was so big before he got to meet them. She loves all her uncles already.
Uncle adam
Nana and Grandpa made it through the crazy snow to visit jane every night.

Great grandpa Chris was here for Christmas so he got to meet baby Jane in the hospital too. Jane and Grandpa had a nice little chat about all the fun she and great grandma have been having up in heaven.

So many amazing friends came to meet baby Jane and we are so grateful for all the love. Our sweet friends Mari and Blake came to meet jane and the hospital, we love them so much and are so grateful it worked out so perfectly for us to live so close again!

Our next week consisted of amazing family members coming and meeting baby Jane, also saving our sanity and helping us in so many ways and we are forever grateful.

This is Jane Golightly- She is one of my Moms dearest friends and my sweetest example. She is amazing and the Jane that I was named after ( Lisa Jane) so here is 3 generations of Jane I love it!

Jane and our friends baby Tripp.. will be getting married in 25 years- it is amazing the difference of a few months!
sleeping in her cradle made by grandpa. with her Nana-made blanket
Max loves to 'nuggle' with baby jane every morning and help burp her. which is mostly just him yelling " burp jane burp jane"